We are carbon neutral

Groomes is now carbon neutral, producing all the units of electricity we need from our solar panels and the heating and hot water from biomass. (wood chip).

We try to conserve water using two methods. Primarily, we treat our own dirty water on site and in addition we have a well and use this supply together with rainwater when watering the extensive gardens and plants.

Another area in which we help the environment is in recycling, the idea here is to recycle everything. Whether it be plastic, glass, cardboard or cans nothing goes in the normal waste if it can be recycled. This is extended as far as food waste. Rather than serve everyone huge portions of food we try to create less waste by having the food placed in the centre of the table; everyone has as much of what they would like and we almost never see leftovers come back to the kitchen. This also starts a good conversation with other guests and we always have interesting and eclectic group of people staying with us.

As a Country House Hotel, we are committed to the environment through various methods and policies which we try to implement every day.

Fresh produce & wildlife

One of our most important policies is our 'Fresh food only' policy. This entails only using fresh ingredients in any of the food that we give to guests, nothing prepared or packaged will be served at any time if at all possible. Should you have any specific dietary requirements or wish to know exact ingredients to any of our dishes please ask.

Where we can, we try to provide as much of the food from the grounds of the property. We use eggs from our own chickens, lambs from a neighbour and occasionally we are treated to beef from our own cattle and rhubarb from the garden, though preferably not together! One of the rather different conservation strategies that we have is the bee keeping. I have nine bee hives currently in the grounds which we have managed to start farming and we get some delicious honey from them, something our guests love to try when we have it. Most other produce is bought from our neighbours at 'Country Market' which is a market gardening business and next door to us.

Since the demise of smaller farms in this country, we have devoted ourselves to encouraging all species of wildlife whilst maintaining the upkeep of the estate with alternative enterprises.

We are home to an amazing number of different birds and have the second largest Sand Martin colony in the south. Our guests are most welcome to freely walk our grounds.